Practice Areas

At CPA Solutions we provide services throughout the cycle of a tax transaction from setting up creative domestic or cross border structures to implementing those structures and finally reporting them on the tax returns.

Tax Compliance


Tax compliance is an integral part of any public practice. We prepare and assist in reviewing a wide range of personal returns from simple T1's to departure returns (final T1 upon emigration), terminal returns (final T1 returns upon death of a taxpayer) and non-resident returns. We also have vast experience in the preparation and review of corporate tax returns from typical "mom and pop" shops to large private corporations with complex corporate structures, including cross border compliance and various non-resident reporting requirements. Further, we are very savvy in preparation and review of Trust and Estate returns whether they were set up as part of a reorganization or upon death of an individual. Finally, we can prepare the various elections necessary under the circumstances. We ensure that the tax plan is properly reported and that the tax compliance reflects exactly what was contemplated at planning and implementations stages.

Business Expansion


Any small business aspires to grow. We help with planning and achieving that growth from a tax perspective from organic growth to strategic acquisitions both domestically and across the border.

Succession Planning


Entrepreneurs, who built their successful business from scratch at some point like to slow down and pass the business to the next generation. We help such entrepreneurs with plans that will help them transition the business in the most tax efficient manner to the next generation while giving them flexibility and control over the transition.

Cross Border Structuring


With the advancement in technology the economy becoming more and more global. Investment in foreign jurisdictions whether in real estate or other businesses is very common. CPA Solutions can help you expand your horizons beyond the borders with structuring your tax affairs that take into account cross border considerations.

Tax Calculations


As tax accountants we deal with numbers all the time. We can prepare various tax scenarios for your actual or potential transactions to help facilitate your decision making. We also have vast experience with tax provision for financial statement purposes under ASPE, US GAAP and IFRS.

Corporate Restructuring


Most businesses begin with one shareholder. However, as the business grows corporate restructuring becomes a necessity to align your corporate structure with the current business environment. We work with the business owners to help them reorganize their business structures to fit their business needs. Whatever the needs are we can assist. From asset protection and loss utilization to butterflies and succession planning. We ensure that you corporate structure reflects and supports your business goals and needs.